Dr. Cary Lee Peterson and Mrs. Florjana Koka, Mayor of Saranda Municipality

IMG_4820 IMG_4821 IMG_4822

Mrs. Florjana Koka welcomed in her office Dr. Cary Lee Peterson, US Senate Lobbyist, Director of Congressional  Committee of Eurasian Affairs. The conversation between them was focused on the need and ways of cooperation to increase tourism from American visitors, especially of those tourists wishing to visit or relax in the Saranda region beyond the summer months.

Mrs. Koka welcomed the idea and the proposal of Dr. Peterson, to enable tourists travel to Saranda through charter flights from Corfu airport and attending special ferry ride in continuation to their trip. It is a project that provides for the sale of tourist packages and enables the arrival of 1.900-2000 American tourists a week,  for the autumn tourism in Saranda. For its implementation it was agreed to proceed by signing a memorandum of co-operation and taking all support measures.

Mrs. Koka said that the study of the project will begin with the check-sum of the situation in hotels, bars and restaurants, to be sure about the standard of accommodation services and basal services that Saranda is able to offer, followed by cultural infrastructure, in addition to time and in compliance with the requirements of these tourists, for a quality tourism product.

In this meeting was also present Dr. Shefki Hysa, Governor of the Diplomatic Mission “Peace and Prosperity”.

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